Can You Whiten Composite Veneers?

You can if you’re using LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening!

There appears to be a common misconception that professional teeth whitening kits, such as LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening, cannot be used on patients who have had composite veneers. This is not entirely correct and we will do our best to explain…

Typically, composite veneers are placed on the front surface of the tooth. Any stains present on the surface of the composite veneer can be removed with LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening. LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening gels are unable to penetrate the full depth of the composite veneer.

Although LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening gels cannot change the colour of the composite placed previously by your dentist, the underlying tooth may also still be whitened by specifically applying the whitening gel into your whitening trays in such a manner that the whitening gel accesses via the back of the tooth.

In summary, LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening can be used to lift stains off composite veneers, whilst also being able to whiten the underlying natural tooth, to give them an overall whiter, brighter, look.

As always, a full dental assessment would have to be carried out by a LUMIWHITE Dentist and they may also recommend additional treatments to help meet your expectations.